Published Stories

The Sea's Own

It’s a daring rescue attempt on the high seas. In this action-packed story, see through the eyes of a cruel pirate captain, a cook who’s in over his head, a captive yearning for her home, a warrior from beneath the waves, and a malevolent creature that thrives on pain. Few will survive…

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The Little Clockwork Girl

In this whimsical tale, the city of Cloverfall rejoices when a solitary tinker crafts a wondrous mechanical girl. The child, however, is flawed, and when she is stolen away she may never find her way home – if she can even remember it.

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The Death of Us

When Captain Harland and his crew are stranded on an uncharted island, their only chance for survival lies in a strange and seemingly abandoned ship. But there is something beyond human understanding on board, and few who hear its call can keep from falling to madness… or worse.

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